Flor Franco

A rich tradition of luxury through excellence and sustainability

A Short History


Born in the rich epicurean tradition of Veracruz, Mexico, Chef Flor Franco’s path was practically preordained. Raised amongst farmers and cooks in a region that marries the ingredients and centuries-old culinary knowledge of several Mexican states and bordered to the east by the generous Gulf of Mexico, Flor Franco’s talent for perfection and technique is as deep as her propensity toward mastering the foods and flavors of the world!

Chef Flor relocated to San Diego after attending university and founded her first catering company in 2008. Always a student, Chef continued to study with traditional cooks and chefs from around the world, developing a style entirely her own; a style that both pays homage to and respects, yet modernizes traditional foodstuff, embossing her personal signature on every dish.


To A Rich Tradition


Garnering acclaim and a reputation for excellence, Franco has served as the Executive Chef for several award winning venues and restaurants, two Sundance Film Festivals, one Conde Nast dinner, hundreds of the world’s best events, and has had the honor of designing and executing menus for Hollywood elite, dignitaries and national political figures. She continues this tradition of excellence as head of international hospitality conglomerate, Franco Group, designing, building and operating projects on both sides of the border.