In The Community

Chef Flor Franco loves her community and has spent years and resources investing in a number of charitable organizations. Her commitment to bettering the world around her has earned her a number of accolades, awards and distinctions within the hundreds of non-profits she has helped to sponsor. At present, Chef Flor Franco is focusing her philanthropic energies on the following:

Chef Flor has served as Culinary Director for the Berry Good Night Dinner and the Berry Good Food Foundation, whose mission is to advance a healthy, integrated food system by educating, connecting and supporting food producers and consumers.

Flor serves as co-chair and Culinary Director of the annual Chef Throwdown Gala, one of the most important culinary competitions in San Diego, held at the historic Hotel del Coronado. Approximately 25 chefs, from both sides of the San Diego/Baja border, compete for The Flor Franco Culinary Award of Excellence. The award was named for Flor by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to honor her contributions to the success of the benefit event.

WILDCOAST works to protect some of the most beautiful and biologically significant coastal areas in the Californias and Latin America. Flor believes strongly in this organization’s mission and has been a featured chef at WILDCOAST’s annual Baja Bash fundraiser.

South Bay Community Services supports the wellbeing of children, youths and families, particularly those impacted by domestic violence. Flor helps to raise funds for this worthy organization.